AG 90 GROUP is one of the world’s more innovative logistics operators in transport and dedicated logistics.


  Our company has a staff of more than 50 employees and an extensive background in the provision of national and international land transport services, air and maritime, dedicated logistics, cold storage, customs and Forwarding.

→  We work with multinational companies and SMEs from different sectors throughout the Spanish geography and the European Union, with special emphasis on the food and chemical sectors.

→  The Group has a network of its own delegations and correspondents in several countries of the European Union such as Germany, France, the Republic of Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.



Our large fleet of vehicles allows us to offer different transport solutions according size and needs of each company.

→   We currently have almost 50 sets of complete vehicles, with tautliner trailers, refrigerated trailers, vans with double floor and low sides, as well as tilters for container transport and subsequent unloading.

→   AG 90 have a real-time tracking service and GPS tracking systems to obtain full control of our activities at each time.



Our strategic location provides us with a great competitive advantage over other operating companies.

   AG 90 Group is located in Constantí (Tarragona), 10 km. from Port of Tarragona and less than 500 meters from the Spain-Portugal intermodal train and the Mediterranean highway, strategic axis that connects the entire Mediterranean coast from Algeciras to the French border.

   The proximity to Valencian Community and the Murcia region, two of the main horticultural regions of southern Europe, makes AG 90 Group an important player in the storage and transportation of food cargo, whether refrigerated or not.



We have the most versatile facilities and storage infrastructures to meet the most demanding demands.

   15,000 sqm of dry storage, both in shelving and ground. We have overhead crane to download, load and store loads that require this system, with a load capacity of 15 tons.

   Cold storage capacity about 3,000 sqm in conventional and semi-automatic shelving mode.



In accordance with our commitment focused on offering the best quality in each service, the capacity for innovation and continuous improvement for AG 90 Group have always been a priority.

   We apply all new technologies, renewing computer programs and machinery according our customer´s needs.

   We have tracking and GPS tracking systems that allow you to obtain full control of our activities at all times. Each customer can see their merchandise from the beginning of the route until reaching their destination at any time.



From the beginnings until today:

1988  Foundation of AG 90, parent company of the Group, by Mr. Macario Alonso and Mrs. María Teresa Gorgojo.

1992  In view of the changes in economic policy, starting of business diversification:
Start of International Land Transport
Start of logistic activities. Awarding of the Just in Time service contract for the new SEAT factory in Martorell.

2004-2010  Relaunching of the diversification policy through the establishment of new dedicated companies.
Consolidation of investments, enlargement of storage facilities up to 16,000 sqm (ca. 172,000 sqft) and plots up to 21,000 sqm (ca. 226,000 spft).

2008  Foundation of the new company that groups all the logistic activity of the group A.G. Partners Logistics S.L.

2012-2013  Start of customs and forwarding activities.

2016  New warehouse acquisition. Storage capacity of about 22.000 sqm.

2017-2019  Expansion of routes, both nationally and internationally. Specialization in dedicated logistics services and groupage services. Renovation of the entire truck fleet, with an average of 1.8 years per vehicle.

2019  Company’s head offices new location at new facilities annexed to the current ones.


C/ Països Baixos, Isla 2 Nave 1-6
Pol. Industrial de Constantí
43120 CONSTANTÍ, Tarragona (España)

T. +34 977 296 831


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